Flint Short Film Freakout FILMS!

Here’s where you will find information about all of the films for the Flint Short Film Freakout. Read on for the good stuff!

Film Blocks

Block 1 – 12:15 – 1:15PMTIMELocal Movies/ Student Movies – 2:25 – 3:15PMTIME
The Last Show14.18Chop! Chop!4.02
Holy Mary1Disturbance6
Script8.1Phobia Killers7.31
Eureka!0.15The Shack15
A Conversation with E5.03Haunted4.51
The Three Naughty1.56Nightmare2.12
Serialkiller7.42Rough Around the Edges7.09
57.44The Bathroom2.15
The Body4.2
Block 3 – 3:20- 4:25PMTIMEBlock 4 – 4:35 – 5:35PMTIME
Alchemy14.05No Signature Required10
La Nueva15Choices6
Murder House2.5Now Is Not The Time4.59
Bloody First Date11.59Sore Loser3.34
On The Inside6.12Declin14.3
The Beholder1:20Tatties13.49
Teacher’s Pet0.15Sally’s Lullaby5
The Hobbyist8.3757
Block 5 – 5:40 – 6:45PMTIMEMidnight Movies – 6:55 – 8PMTIME
Soul Catcher9.29Face Crusher 26
Rise & Shine11Hot Dog Trashman9.01
When The Time Comes13.21Frostbite1.3
All You Can Eat13Slash-o-Lantern6.12
60Slash-o-Lantnern 29
BREAK10The Baby Sitter5.12
The Big D12.09


We will put these into the appropriate blocks as we get closer.

EUREKA – 15sec

Directed by – David Creighton


In this animated micro-short, a conspiracy nut finally grasps the truth.

A Conversation With E – 5:03mins

Directed by – esabella anna karena strickland, Taylor Mitchell, Mary Skylar Larkin


When a girl playfully responds to a mysterious post-it note, she finds herself unable to escape the conversation she began…

Bloody First Date – 11:59mins

Directed by – Mason Mashtare

United States

While on an awkward picnic, Randy and Amanda’s first date goes from bad to worse when an axe murderer joins the mix. Randy attempts to lead Amanda away from danger, but soon they find themselves face to face with a killer. They must work together to stay alive and save their date.

CANADO!!!! – 13:41mins

Directed by – Tyler Zickafoose

United States

A Raw and Uncut Look into the rare and legendary Canado that only comes storming through every thousand years or so.

CHOICES – 6min

Directed by – Michael McCallum

United States

Mitch and Charlie are facing a new world after a mysterious sickness has taken everyone they love.

ALCHEMY – 14:05mins.

Director Brandon Polanco

United States

An epic transformation manifests from a seemingly routine interview.

A failed everyman begins working through pages and pages of questions. As time begins to elongate, the man finds himself tormented and more and more isolated. He battles the unknown ultimately transcending into a heightened reality, discovering a new life existing between multiple worlds, both familiar and otherworldly.

CHOP! CHOP! – 4:02mins.

Directed by – Keanu Sousa Mendes


Fred is Coming at 3 pm! Will our protagonist be ready on time? Dial in for a fast-paced fun adventure of intense Pumpkin carving and spooky surprises!

DECLIN – 14:30mins

Directed by – Elise huyssen


Suffering from Alzheimer’s, a pensioner is facing his caregiver going mysteriously missing. Confused, he looks for her in his nursing home’s hallways but he is prey to disturbing apparitions…

FACE CRUSHER 2 – 6mins.

Directed by – Luke St Germaine

United States

Sharon hears a weird noise in her yard and calls Everett for help- instead, she learns about the gruesome tale of the Face Crusher!

FROSTBITE – 1:30Mins.

Directed by – Ron Ford

United States

A new Christmas tradition is born as Frostbite, the zombie snowman, makes his debut in this faux trailer from David C. Hayes and Ron Ford.

THE HOBBYIST – 8:37mins

Directed by – George Vatistas

United States

A short neo-noire thriller centered around a mysterious druggist visited by Sangstrom, a seemingly ordinary man in search of an undetectable poison. Yet, Sangstrom winds up getting more than he bargained for from the sagacious alchemist.

LA NUEVA (The Newcomer) – 15Mins.

Directed by – Ivan Villamel


Maria is the new teacher who arrives at an old religious school. On her first day, she will have to teach a group of rebellious kids who are part of a punishment class. An unexpected event will turn the classroom into a real hell.

The Last Show – 14:18mins

Directed by – Joshua T. Wagner

United States

The new guy at a dying movie theater realizes that an old tradition may have more meaning than he thought.

The Flat Eart Presents – MURDER HOUSE – 2:50mins

Directed by

Vincent DiCostanzo

United States

The house is absolutely perfect…with one exception.


Directed by – Kenneth Lawrence

United States

A woman finds a mysterious box on her doorstep, the contents of which will alter her perception of terror.


Directed by – Katelin Maylum

United States

Have a phobia? The guys in Building 2 have a cure for you!

RISE & SHINE – 11mins.

Directed by – Arnaud Pierre Baur


Nancy works in a small gas station shop. Disillusioned, not even the news of an apocalypse seems to worry her. But the sudden arrival of a mysterious customer could change all that. Will Nancy finally find meaning in her life? Or in her death?


Directed by – Jonathan Cook

United States

Mom and Dad team up with their daughter Sally to get rid of a monster in her closet.

SCRIPT – 8:10mins.

Directed by– Piero Cannata


Two screenwriters, a ghost story, the night that goes on. Who will put an end to this?

SERIENKILLER (SerialKiller) – 7:42mins

Directed by – Dwight Darko


Ted is obsessed with horror film legends, yet they are often revered. That’s why he wants to become a serial killer himself. Myra wants to support him and offers himself to him as a sacrifice. Does Ted have the guts?

SLASH-O-LANTERN – 6:12mins

Directed by – Taylor McManus, Matthew McManus

United States

It’s been 3 years since a mysterious killer murdered Kevin’s brother on Christmas Eve. This Halloween, Kevin faces a terrifying showdown when the masked madman returns. — but this time, he’s ready for him.

SLASH-O-LANTERN Part II – 9mins.

Directed by – Taylor McManus, Matthew McManus

United States

Kevin and James deal with the aftermath of their brush with death on Halloween night. As Hazel Falls P.D. arrive on the scene, they quickly realize the nightmare isn’t over just yet.

SORE LOSER – 3:34Mins.

Directed by – Hugo Breant


Pierre never thought a simple visit of his girlfriends’ friends would turn into an awful game of hide and seek.

SOUL CATCHER – 9:29mins.

Directed by – Jay Jay Jegathesan


A deeply reflective, charming man. Three dynamic women. A mystery that cuts to the heart of self-knowledge and transformation.

TAPEHEAD – The Return Of Jacob Cobb – TRAILER – 1:47mins.

Directed by – Dustin Mattson

United States

That is, until a group of teenagers unearth Jacob’s blood soaked rewinder. Summoning his vengeful corpse from the grave… and NO ONE is safe!

TATTIES – 13:49mins.

Directed by – Jon Robertson, Chris Cameron

United Kingdom

A brother and sister escape the city for the weekend at their parents country home. After a moment of self gratification, they have an unusual encounter with human root vegetable hybrids.

TEACHER’S PET – :15secs

Directed by – Kevin Lucero Less

United States

He was a stern teacher. They were a brilliant student. The grade was brutal on the pop quiz. The saw blade filed the complaint.

THE BIG D – 12:46Mins.

Directed by – Nathan Ludwig, Chad Farmer

United States

An amateur journalist drags her cameraman brother along to hunt for Bigfoot. As their search deepens, her true motivations for finding Bigfoot are revealed.


Directed by – Jondaniel Cornett, Jonathan Frey

A grieving husband chooses to fulfill his wife’s dying wish by leaving the safety of his home and venturing into an apocalyptic landscape in search of a cherished memento.

ZMIENA – 13:24Mins.

Directed by – Pierre Renverseau


Autumn, dawn. The forest rustles everywhere, it looks like it lives. On the edge, an old isolated house. And in this house, a room, decrepit. A man, Greg, wakes up painfully, like he’s having a hangover … If it was not that …

THE BATHROOM – 2:15Mins.

Directed by – Henry Spillman

United States

Don’t look in the bathroom mirror.

THE BODY – 4:20Mins.

Directed by – Eli Lerdau, Ben Berthy, Chloe Rodriguez-Thomas

When his car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, a man must hide the secret in his trunk from a good samaritan.

HAUNTED – 4:51Mins.

Directed by – Charlotte Pelton, Ginger Craghead-Way, River Schleifer, Sarvasrika Singh

United States

A pair of TV ghost hunters get more than they bargained for when investigating a haunted winery.

NIGHTMARE – 2:12Mins

Directed by – Liam Anderson, Camerin Kith, Dylan Fox, Naomi Kim, Grey Dessert, Tatum Daves, Graham Holub

United States

A man wakes up alone in a movie theatre in this surreal, one-shot horror short.


Directed by – Aldie Porter, Casey Leone, Helen Rumsey, Phoebe Griffiths

United States

An episode of a classic sitcom is interrupted by a deranged killer.

THE BEHOLDER – 1:20Mins.

Directed by – Shaun Clark

United Kingdom

The eye is the window to the soul. That is why it terrifies us.


Directed by – Gillian Harrill

United States

When Chaz is left home alone, his mom gets him a babysitter even though he is 25 years old.


Directed by – Zachary Atkinson

United States

A family who is enjoying a nice evening at home is soon greeted by an unknown guest.


Directed by – James T. Poole

United States

Ricky must sacrifice a bone in order to rescue his friends from a putrid presence terrorizing the house.


Directed by – Matthew Garvin

United States

A dark secret from the past puts a couples relationship to the test.

ON THE INSIDE – 6:12Mins

Directed by – Pal Gustavsen


A young man leaves his house to go for a walk in the quiet and sunny neighborhoood. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, people start running after him, with fierce determination.

STEAMED! – 20Mins.

Directed by – Beverly Bonner

United States

A young man leaves his house to go for a walk in the quiet and sunny neighborhoood. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, people start running after him, with fierce determination.


Directed by – Victor Volkov


In a village, children begin to disappear and we realize that they are three naughty little ones who eat children.


Directed by – Kieran Reed

United Kingdom

A young waitress at a fast food diner has a bad feeling about things going on behind the chrome and neon facade of the diner. She finally believes she has the proof she needs to bring this secret to light, but unseen evil forces are unleashed in a blood thirsty attempt to stop her.