Flint Short Film Freakout

Flint Monster Society Presents…

The Flint Short Film Freakout



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Flint Short Film Freakout!


One day of spooky short films right in the heart of Downtown Flint!

Join us for a freaky free day of short horror films from around the world.

There will be thrills, there will be chills, and there will be weirdness aplenty!

The Flint Short Film Freakout will be held on Saturday, November 12th at legendary all ages punk venue Flint Local 432, in Downtown Flint. This short horror showcase will be free to attend with refreshments for sale during the day. Folks with tickets will get preferred seating and everyone else we will get in until we’re full. Phew!

At the end of the festival we will be announcing our three awards for our favorite three films of the festival.

Best In Show – $100 — ‘Rise & Shine’

Second Best In Show – $50 — ‘When The Time Comes’

Runner Up To Awesome – $25 — ‘Sally’s Lullaby’

As we begin to get movies locked in we will post information on them on our social media and then the films, directors, and what block the films will be playing during. We will schedule films into blocks with either five or ten minute breaks in between them. We have three special blocks outside of the traditional film blocks. We will put all of our ‘local/regional’ films together. We will put the ‘student’ films together (this will make sense when films are in hand). Finally we’ll end the night with a ‘Midnight Movie’ block of the weirdest and wildest films we are showing. While these films are not showing at midnight they bring that sort of fun and we thought would be a great way to end the festival before we announce our prize winners.

We will have snacks, drinks, and potentially slices of pizza for sale during the show.


Questions, send them here


Flint Is Ready To FREAKOUT!

On Saturday, November 12th the first ever Flint Short Film Freakout will be taking place at the Flint Local 432, in downtown. This festival will feature short horror films from around the world and will offer attendees a chance to see what scares look like across the globe. From zombies, to ghosts, to possessions, and more, this festival’s line up will have it all – strange to sublime. 

The festival is presented by the Flint Monster Society and this is a completely free event for adults though there is limited seating. The films will be shown in blocks throughout the day, the first movies starting just after noon and the show running until dark. 

The festival will end with a midnight movie style block of the strangest films submitted and then there will be an announcement of the three top films, which will each be given cash awards. 

Halloween may be over, but in Flint the FREAKOUT is about to begin. 

Flint Short Film Freakout

Saturday, November 12

Flint Local 432


Noon – 8PM-ish

Films may contain mature themes, adult language, and extreme violence. These are horror films, after all. 



Noon – 8PM

Flint Local 432

124 W. 1st St., Flint, MI, 48502


Short Film Info Here

9.22 Update

HOLY COW are we getting some great entries! Considering this is our first year doing this event we are getting some outstanding entries from around the world. It’s really amazing to be able to check out so many unique storytellers and their visions. It’s disappointing that we can’t include all of the submissions but with a limited time we have to show what fits what we’re doing best so we’ll do our best to make that happen. It’s going to be pretty exciting so we can’t wait! Expect some live action, some animation, some local fare, and some from afar. Depending on our entries we’ll break things into blocks so folks can get a break here and there but there’s a whole day of weird coming your way sooner than you think!

10.17 Update

All entries are in and filmmakers have been notified. As we lock films into place we’ll start putting the movie information out there. The most information will go on our Facebook event page since it’s more of a living space from moment to moment – https://fb.me/e/2T19e7T72. We’ll post films and blocks and times on this page.

10.18 Update

Well, rats, our Facebook page got yanked because I don’t utilize the personal side of FB. WOMP! I will post all the film info on here for the festival as soon as I start getting all of the info in. I DO have the blocks lined up and slotted. I will announce blocks and times when we get all the films in. Stay tuned!

10.25 Update

Getting the movies in and still waiting on some, but you can find announcements for the films we have on the separate film page on this site or on our Facebook event page.