The Spooky Chris Podcast – They Won’t Go Back

In which I talk about the insanity of expecting the working class to do what others won't.

THE THING – 2011 – review

Horror fans are some of the silliest of fans out there. We fans HATE remakes, but then we obsess over how amazing the ‘70’s and ‘80’s movies were – they weren’t any better or worse than what we have always had, sorry. We talk about wanting new voices and new ideas but rush out to… Continue reading THE THING – 2011 – review

NEW BOOK – Be There/I Am Here

2020 was weird for all of us. Living in the age of Covid we all were doing the best we could to survive the isolation, the boredom, and the stress. Some became productive, some took the time to focus on themselves, some just survived. For me, I got super productive, as far as writing goes.… Continue reading NEW BOOK – Be There/I Am Here

Godzilla Vs Kong – review

   I grew up with Godzilla and his movies. I remember watching Godzilla movies on a Detroit station that ran sci-fi and horror double features on Saturdays. I grew up watching him battle King Ghidorah, Mothra, Rodan, Gigan, and the rest. From a young age Godzilla was part of my life, so much so that… Continue reading Godzilla Vs Kong – review