When we’re kids we don’t understand the concept of nuance. We don’t get that the world is made up of gradients of gray and is rarely black and white.  We need that black and white though, need to learn first that there is a difference between acts that are good and acts that are bad. … Continue reading Nuance

Gun Runner

It takes only a cursory look at the news of the past few years to see a horrible trend and that is one of (mostly)White homeowners taking the Stand Your Ground and Castle Defense to the limits of the law and opening fire at every imagined threat. While I am sure there are always instances… Continue reading Gun Runner

The Right Person

It’s a bit of a fact that the older we get the more our bodies start to show the effects of the wear and tear. We start to see, and more importantly feel what our lives have wrought on our bodies. Those late nights in our teens, the partying in our twenties, the out late… Continue reading The Right Person

The Customer Is Always Wrong

What the heck happened? There was a time that, though lacking, customer service was still a thing.  Those days though seem long gone now as we have entered the post-Covid world of Meh.  If you ask the corporations they tell you it’s the workforce.  If you ask the workers they’ll tell you it’s the customers. … Continue reading The Customer Is Always Wrong

Performance Art

There’s something obscenely performative about Republican outrage.  Something a bit theatrical, like a child’s tantrum, in how their ire is raised whenever something offends them.  The anti-cancel culture movement canceling everything that dares to disrupt their vision of the world.  Their narrow, sad, gated off vision.  I dunno of anything more childish than grown men… Continue reading Performance Art

Singing The Stories Of Our Lives

I have had my mind on the end lately.  The end of us and who we are.  The end of our personal stories in the book with no conclusion.  My thoughts are on the ending of our story and how few people will ever hear it.  Few will hear our triumphs and our failures.  Few… Continue reading Singing The Stories Of Our Lives

Taking Our Art Away

Look, I get tired of political posts too but darn it, we’re in highly political times so, it is what it is.  I’d much rather write about nerdy movie junk but there’s not that much on my mind of late, other than my feeling that ‘90’s action schmaltz has aged poorly.  Anyway.  There’s a scary… Continue reading Taking Our Art Away