Worldly Remains

A first draft of a story themed for merry season bathed in gray.  Some of them look like vultures, sorting through the socks, and shoes, and underwear while others gather all the pretties, the silverware, the change, and the televisions into one room to go through. It feels like a perverse auction. A twisted gameshow… Continue reading Worldly Remains

Space Fights

Space Fights It’s silly. It’s a movie. It’s childish. Isn’t it wonderful the things we tell people when we don’t have interest or appreciate something? We boast, we brag, we announce how infantile a thing is because darn it, we don’t care about it so naturally it MUST be garbage and anyone who likes it… Continue reading Space Fights

Bone Palaces

We live in a culture of convenience. Convenience both in the availability to get almost anything we desire within a short time frame and convenience in our quick-shifting morals. One is just the side-effect, or perhaps main effect, of cultural and technological evolution – it’s easier to get the things we want because we have… Continue reading Bone Palaces