The Old Man In the Woods         

I mentioned in another post how some friends and I decided we wanted to make a movie together and how it lead to the movie I now have. Here’s the behind the curtains stuff. When we first started, the idea had been that the three of us would work together on our films – three… Continue reading The Old Man In the Woods         


When we look up we see sky. We see freedom. We see the bonds of the earth thrown free and the opportunity to soar just out of grasp. We see an open tapestry that shows us the stars and the dreams beyond them. It’s only when we’re caught up in their branches though do we… Continue reading Zero/Sum

That One Time I Used To Do Stuff

As much of a movie person as I am I can’t say I ever had aspirations to direct, act, or really be involved seriously with film. I have an awful memory, I am not a leader, and I can barely balance a pencil so forget a movie budget. I am a film voyeur, not participant.… Continue reading That One Time I Used To Do Stuff