The Spooky Chris Podcast

This is a short form podcast where I talk about horror, pop culture, and my own writing and creative endeavors. Come on in and have a seat!


Today is one of those foggy days. I hate foggy days. My brain feels slower. My reaction time feels slower. I feel like I have to overcompensate for everything. The machine is still running but it’s sluggish and takes longer to warm up. I hate it. I have these foggy days more than I have… Continue reading Foggy

A Show For Ghouls

With the group I work with here in Flint, the Flint Horror Collective, we create events through the year to bring a little weirdness and horror to the area. We have been doing our thing since 2011 and it’s always fun to think of new events that we can do. For the past few years… Continue reading A Show For Ghouls


In early 2019 I was able to finish a long gestating story I had started years and years ago called ROAD KILL. It was the story of two kids up to go no good, to put it in the mildest of senses. It was a story/book I had begun as a kid but had lost.… Continue reading Forward


Around this time of year it’s natural to look to the past, to assess the present, and to think about the future. It’s natural and it’s good. Good to remember where we were, where we are, and where we wanna be. Perspective. It’s all about perspective. The trouble is when we stay too long in… Continue reading Thankful

Make It Yours

When it comes to the end of the year and holidays, we sure do get possessive of things. Our Once In A While faith becoming ingrained dogma so that anyone that doesn’t celebrate things the way we feel that they should is shamed and castigated. You’re Doing It Wrong we shout! How Dare You! We… Continue reading Make It Yours


When I was a kid I had a handful of things I wanted to do. I wanted to do the things that I thought would be fun and make my life happy. It doesn’t mean I COULD do those things, but I wanted to. The ceiling started pushing down on me though in 9th grade… Continue reading Through

Sharing the Scares

There is something about the power of horror that has always held my heart. A mix of the release, the nature of the storytelling, and the craftsmanship Something about how the stories unfold. Horror creators don’t get nearly the credit they deserve. It can’t be easy to write in a way that taps into the… Continue reading Sharing the Scares


The following is a sample story from my newest story collection IN ROOTS OF ASH. This is one of the many stories included that tells the story of a cursed woods and the things that haunt the dark places of the world. Things older than Man and much more cunning. The Echo of the Axe… Continue reading IN ROOTS OF ASH sample

Broken Idols

If you’re asking me, I’d offer that it’s a fool that makes idols of people. We’re a fallible lot. We are mistakes tumbling through history trying to pick up enough good deeds along the way to outshine the trouble we cause or get into. People are a mess. Humans are the dumpster fires of the… Continue reading Broken Idols


We have a tendency to see things one way. Good. Bad. That’s it. It’s a good thing or a bad thing. A person is a good person or a bad person. There is very little room for nuance. There is little room for reality. Good. Bad. The thing though is that we’re both. I have… Continue reading Both

The Spotlight

If I had to tell you who on earth decides to undertake event coordination as an avocation, you know, for funsies, I’d break it down into two types of people. The person in it for themselves. The person in it for the community. Now, that isn’t to say that the person more focused on the… Continue reading The Spotlight

The Titans

I always read as a kid. There was so much magic to reading that it makes me sad that kids don’t seem to have that same atmosphere to grow up around. The elements are still there but there’s so much more push to be on computers, or pull to be on cell phones, that reading… Continue reading The Titans

Letting It Sink In

Whenever I start a project, writing, or movie, or art, or whatever, I am immediately in love. It’s the rosy red fury of infatuation and the more I work on it the deeper I fall. It’s only when I step back to look at the landscape more clearly that I start to waiver. I start… Continue reading Letting It Sink In

…Comes Around

That saying can be a blessing and curse, I suppose. King would talk about the Wheel of Ka, a sort of folksy DARK TOWER version of karma, and how it would all come around. Maybe that’s so. The good and the bad. The sin and the blessing. We, the holy damned.

Further – a story

had the germ of this in my head for a few days and had the time at a comic con i was vending at today so i wrote it. 

I Chose Flint

I chose Flint. I was a late bloomer, as they like to say, but really I was just scared to death about moving out of my parent’s house. Moving out made me an adult in full and I wasn’t sure I was ready for that. I am still not sure.

The Big Con

I think over the years I have been writing in this blog that it’s clear enough that I love conventions. As far as I can figure, Fangoria’s WEEKEND OF HORRORS was my first (and second), with the Motor City Comic Conventions coming after and by then I was hooked. I loved conventions, the WEEKEND more… Continue reading The Big Con

A Fall – a story

rough draft of a story i wrote this week before finding out about the loss of a friend who took their own life. this story feels very raw and real to me but i think there’s a sort of truth in that that maybe someone can get somthing from. 

The Dark Days

Being just shy of forty-five, I have worked a lot of jobs. A lot of jobs. I started working when I was a teenager, doing occasional yard work for a neighbor for $5 an hour, which at the time seemed pretty amazing. From there I worked with my sister cleaning a couple offices my dad… Continue reading The Dark Days

The Burning Roots

I think I started writing about the witch trees in the early 2000s. I am not sure what made me come up with them, the idea of trees that were a sort of witch’s coven but far more powerful Far more dangerous.

Spooky Chris Episode 4 – A Short Story

Decided to read one of the short stories to be included in a future book. Groove on this. If you wanna buy any of my publushed books you can find them on Amazon. Just look up Chris Ringler.

Sharing the Love

I have a couple friends who are prolific writers and awesome people and wanted to help them get the word out about their newest efforts.   Paul Counelis has written a LOT of stuff, has written for RUE MORGUE, and is as passionate about writing as you can get. His newest book – We Dare… Continue reading Sharing the Love

The Red Prince Is Here – ROAD KILL Out Now!

My newest book ROAD KILLis here! Take a trip to Munsonville, Michigan, wander into the haunted woods, walk among the trees, commune with the spirits…and run for your life. Available in paperback and as e-book.

The Sudden Book

In the time I have had since losing my job I have gotten a chance to write a lot. I completed and put together my novel ROAD KILL, I wrote a script for a short film I am going to make this year, I have written some short articles for a website, and finally I made… Continue reading The Sudden Book

ROAD KILL cover reveal

I have written before about my upcoming novel ROAD KILL but I wanted to talk a little more about it as I reveal its cover for the first time.

The Mystery

There is something about childhood that, once lost, it changes how you see the rest of the world. We can call it magic, mystery, or anything else but it’s that that in us that doesn’t understand everything…and it’s OK.

The Change

In this rapidly changing world I think we tend to lose sight of the fact that we want and oft times demand things of people at a speed that is unreasonable. We want to put the past on trial every few years, looking at it with new eyes and new social and cultural viewpoints and… Continue reading The Change

The Red Prince Approaches

A town born from secret horror. A stranger with a hidden past. A doomed destiny that entwines two friends and binds them in blood. The road kill is coming. My new novel ROAD KILL will be released on April 6.

Making Our Mythologies

Humans are a species joined by our stories. Our histories, our myths, our legends, all of those things unite us in ways that images alone cannot. Stories are the connective tissue between us and the unifying light that marks the path of humanity both forward and back. As a writer I am always keen to… Continue reading Making Our Mythologies

Road Kill Is Coming

When I started writing Road Kill as a kid some thirty years ago I envisioned it as two friends, obsessed with killing animals and heading down a very dark dead end. It wasn’t going to end well and it didn’t.


As 2019 dawns it brings with it two big anniversaries for me and two signposts in my writing. My first book Back From Nothing was released in 1999. I was a kid then, in more ways than one, and to have a book out was something I never imagined happening. I have gone into the story about… Continue reading Anniversaries

The Gore Score

I discovered horror movies as a little guy, having seen my first one at six and then falling in love with the genre on the for real-real until I had seen THE THING years later. When I fell for scary movies, as they will always sorta be to me, I fell hard and the older… Continue reading The Gore Score

RoadKill – a novel

A million years ago, back when I was still a kid that had never even thought about writing more than occasionally and certainly never had thought about putting a book out, I wrote a story called Roadkill. In my mind it was a novella but in reality it was probably just a long short story.… Continue reading RoadKill – a novel

Winter Chill

I think the holidays dredge up memories for all of us. Most of mine are good. Despite my love of Halloween and all things dark and creepy I really love Christmas and this season. Something recently made me remember something though that is a bit of a darker memory. Call it the end of my… Continue reading Winter Chill

End Times

2018 will be a year that sticks with me for many reasons but the biggest is the loss of my mother, something we knew was coming but which, as they say, you are never prepared for when it happens. With mom it was a slow decline that we could only bear silent witness to. It… Continue reading End Times

Losing and Finding

It’s no secret that I am a devotee of the ‘found footage’ and POV subgenre of films. I think it’s fair to even call me a fanboy of sorts. There’s a power to that immediacy, to that manner of storytelling. I have talked about it before and having seen lots and lots and lots of… Continue reading Losing and Finding

The Line – a story

Creepy story about one-sided infatuation of the nastiest kind. Fair warning if that’s a trigger for you.    The Line   It was her smile. That was what first drew me to her. That partial smile that seemed to say more than words could ever hope to. It was a moment. An instant. It was… Continue reading The Line – a story

Dusting Things Off

As I have found myself with time on my hands of late I have decided it really is time to get back to The Damned Novel, which, I think I honestly call any of the books that I have put out that were novel length. This particular one has been a pain in my biscuits… Continue reading Dusting Things Off


There’s something about American culture that has embraced the disposability of things to the detriment of the body as a whole. Which is to say that we have gotten so used to the notion of being able to use something and then throw it out that that we have started to treat our relationships that… Continue reading Disposable


Halloween has always been special to me. A night of dreams and horror coming together in a twilight dance for both young and old alike. It’s a night where we honor our pagan traditions and celebrate how those have evolved with us. There is a beauty to parents joining their children out in the neighborhoods,… Continue reading Halloween


Starting over is never easy, and rarely sought after but it’s a reality of the world. Starting over at forty-four was not what I was hoping to do at this point in my life. Not to say that I ever had some grand plan for things. I tend to build with the blocks  from where… Continue reading Do-Over

Letting It Go

It’s a heck of a thing to be able to walk away from the last word. To close your mouth, push your tongue against the backs of your teeth, and to set your jaw firmly. Harder still when you feel, as most of us do from time to time, you have been wronged. I HAVE… Continue reading Letting It Go

In Strolls The Boogeyman

I think that this is part of my yearly ritual on the lead up to Halloween. My yearly missive about haunts and haunted houses and the like. I suppose because it’s something I am passionate about and also something I feel knowledgeable enough to speak to. Anyone that loves Halloween knows about haunted houses, even… Continue reading In Strolls The Boogeyman

Embracing the Horror

This is one of those topics that I write about from time to time because it ceases to amaze me how utterly stupid and narrow people can be when it comes to the horror genre. I mean, let’s be straight honest here for a moment, there are biases against EVERY genre, people hate musicals, and… Continue reading Embracing the Horror

I Am The Door – a short film

When I made The Last Halloween the plan had been one film and done. I would have scratched that particular itch and would feel good about it. One and done.

Our Lonely Gods

Since the beginning Mankind has looked to the great Other for guidance. It was a Creator, or a Punisher. Or an an all seeing Eye that We have always looked to something else/someone else for guidance. This is not a dig on religion at all, because the needle of faith, the heat of faith, can… Continue reading Our Lonely Gods

Good Grief

Grief is a different monster for every person. To some it is robed and silent, watching from a distance, for others it is hulking and ever-present, pushing in on every breath. Everyone experiences it and it’s lifequakes differently. There is not a right way to go through grief and until you get into self-harm and… Continue reading Good Grief

Another True Story

So we all have those stories that sorta make us US. The stories that we tell people to give them a feel for who you are and what you’re about. Some of us have a LOT of those stories and some of us have a few. The thing is that they are YOUR stories. They… Continue reading Another True Story


If there is one thing that has become desperately American of late it is a deep sense of pride. Pride in our nation, in our accompliishments, and in our very act of existence. We are brag about our history. We boast about our ingenuity. We rave about our culture. We rant about the rest of… Continue reading PRIDE

The Truth

So this here is a true story, with, obviously, the name of the person I am going to refer to removed. I don’t write this thinking it will change someone, or change how they see the world, or change their mind on what they believe. I write these blogs, as I have said, as my… Continue reading The Truth

Episode 1 – An Introduction

Episode 2 – The Death of Physical Media

Episode 3 – Over It

Episode 4 – A Short Story

Episode 5 – Follow Your Passion

Episode 6 – Hope

Episode 7 – Read It Out

Episode 8 – Show Man

Episode 9 – Makin’ Movies

Episode 10 – Shudder

Episode 11 – The Friday the 13th Franchise

Episode 12 – The Nightmare on Elm Street Franchise

Episode 13 – The Struggle

Episode 14 – Stoker Con 2019

Episode 15 – Stoker Con 2019 – Days One and Two

Episode 16 – Stoker Con 2019 – Wrap-Up

Episode 17 – Familiar Ghosts

Episode 18 – Something In The Water – Story Reading

Episode 19 – Ball – Story Reading

Episode 20 – Future Flint

Episode 21 – The New Books

Episode 22 – Obscurity

Episode 23 – The Pitch

Episode 24 – The Art of The Scare

Episode 25 – ROAD KILL

In Which I talk about my novel ROAD KILL.

Episode 26 – Just Write

In which I talk about writing and inspiration.

Episode 27 – Halloween

In which I talk about my love for Halloween.

Episode 28 – The Con Game

In which I talk about conventions.

Episode 29 – Cemetery Earth

In which I talk about my book CEMETERY EARTH.

Episode 30 – Horror Franchises

In which I talk about horror franchises

Episode 31 – Christmas Horror Favorites

In which I talk about my favorite Christmas horror films.

Episode 32 – A Good Man – story

In which I read my seasonal ghost story story A GOOD MAN.

Episode 33 – Keep Going

In which I talk about surviving the holidays.

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