ADAPTABLE I can say that as a writer I never have had any expectations that my writing would be adapted into anything other than perhaps another format of the same thing. I love writing, and I think I write things that are not the same-old-same-old (said every writer ever). I let my ideas guide me.… Continue reading Adaptable

A Legacy of Mud

I live in Flint. I have made neither a big deal of this nor have I acted as if it’s a blessing or a burden. I love Flint. I chose to live here and I choose to live here. I got involved with Flint at 20 when I first started coming down here for hall… Continue reading A Legacy of Mud

The Art of the Art

A question asked almost as much as What Is Art is What Is The Artist. And if any questions were valid, these two were. The problem though is that we get so caught in our examinations that we forget that art is also meant to be appreciated. Art isn’t a biological specimen to be poked… Continue reading The Art of the Art

The Little Letter That Would

To put the following in context I must alert you, dear reader, that I am weird. Very weird. So, two years ago, out of the blue, I received a strange piece of mail at an old mailing address. It was addressed to my 'art studio', something I had not realized I had. It was a… Continue reading The Little Letter That Would

The End Is Meh

There is something decidedly melancholy about the passing of a year into history. All you have accomplished, all you lost, all the things you have done are now gone. Yes, yes, they are a part of you, a part of your personal record, personal history, and memory, but in a way they are gone too.… Continue reading The End Is Meh