Cemetery Earth – a novel

The new book is done. Just waiting for it to be approved for printing and then I can push forward with it. Huzzah! The book is called Cemetery Earth and is a novel about the undead. It’s a novel of short stories with two characters that emerge from the wreckage of the world to serve… Continue reading Cemetery Earth – a novel

Finding Logic In Madness – A SHADOW OVER EVER

This is an excerpt from my novel A SHADOW OVER EVER which is the story of a mad man who finds his sanity at the end of the world. It’s a story of the beginning and the end and in the middle are some zombies. This is a part towards the end where good old… Continue reading Finding Logic In Madness – A SHADOW OVER EVER


   Despite what bloggers may think blogs change very little. At best they make you think, or make you laugh, or show you something you didn’t know was out there. But it’s in those moments that the spark of an inferno lays.   Flint is a city notorious for its issues and it gets frustrating to… Continue reading Reclamation