Asylum Seekers–review

   It is really a shame that for most directors and filmmakers the only time in their careers that they have the freedom to experiment with storytelling because I think we the audience lose out on a lot of really interesting work. Alas, the perception, and perhaps reality, is that general audiences don’t want to… Continue reading Asylum Seekers–review

The Ward (OR John Carpenter’s The Ward – chris ringler’s the review!

   Can I tell you how glad I am that John Carpenter is back? I have loved this man’s films since I was a kid and to have him getting back to form is amazing to me. Sure, this isn’t a homerun, this isn’t the ‘good old days’ but this is a big step forward.… Continue reading The Ward (OR John Carpenter’s The Ward – chris ringler’s the review!

Five Across The Eyes – review

    I am writing a very, very, very brief review of this because it really doesn’t deserve more than that. I don’t like to be mean about things connected to the arts because most people that do this stuff do it for passion and for love. Sure, make money, some make a LOT of money,… Continue reading Five Across The Eyes – review