The Spooky Chris Podcast – Episode 37 – Horror Justice

In which I decry the mediocre home video treatment the Friday the 13th and Texas Chainsaw Massacre have had over the years.

Red Magic – a story

Red Magic  When I was kid I believed in magic. I believed in fairies, Santa, and ghosts, and the Bigfoot, and all of that. I believed that ours was a world of magic that hid just out of sight and away from adult eyes. Hiding where those pure of heart could find it when they… Continue reading Red Magic – a story

Shooting Stars – a story

This is a first draft. Please judge it as such. Mom told me that shooting stars were just falling angels wasting wishes from heaven. She said - wish on that falling angel honey, and maybe it’s wish will become yours. I wasn’t sure I believed it but I did as she told me to and… Continue reading Shooting Stars – a story

There Is Only Down

When I lost mom I felt like I was falling.  Falling and would never stop falling.  There was only down.  When my mom entered hospice it came with it a surreal feeling of deja vu.  Wasn’t she already IN hospice care? You see, for several months mom’s health had been declining and in that she… Continue reading There Is Only Down

Are You Willing To Relocate?

On the long and rocky terrain that was my unemployment I bounced around near the bottom for a while. That terror train seemed to roll and roll and roll. Were it not for a wife that makes more than I ever did, and a father that helped me a ton, I wouldn’t have survived. There’s… Continue reading Are You Willing To Relocate?

Our Cover Story

So when I took the photos I am using for the cover of TATTERED TENTS I was shocked that I managed to find such a thing in the wild. I was out at a hobby store and was looking at a little display they had and saw it...a headless woman in a lawnchair just living… Continue reading Our Cover Story