Getting To Know You…

   Interviews, I am horrible at them, let’s just get that out there. Horrible. I owe so much to the people that take the time to interview me, that take the time to get to know something about me so they can ask questions but man, I just feel like I am horrible at talking… Continue reading Getting To Know You…

Chris Ringler and the $1,200 Alien

So, if you have ever met me in person then you know that aside from my dashing good looks and rapier wit that I am a storyteller. The problem here is that while I have a lot of stories I only have like, four that are classic, hands down great stories. The real stuff that… Continue reading Chris Ringler and the $1,200 Alien

Let Me Die Quietly – movie review

Let Me Die Quietly   Personally I cannot imagine how hard it would be to make a low budget film. You are trying to make a movie that can compete with the bigger budget films yet has none of the money behind it. Still, you have to look at your limitations and make them your… Continue reading Let Me Die Quietly – movie review

Tools of the Trade (and stuff)

   As I have probably mentioned, like eighteen hundred times by now, I have been writing for some twenty years. I started as a teenager, when I had visions of being a cartoonist or a special fx makeup guy. Ah, the good old days. Anyway, I got serious about writing back when my friend Mike… Continue reading Tools of the Trade (and stuff)

RED DREAMS Book Release Party

If there is something you should do when you are able to release a book it’s have a book release of some sort. For Red Dreams I wanted to celebrate with friends and family so I had people come over to where I live and we invaded my friend and neighbor’s apartment for some delicious… Continue reading RED DREAMS Book Release Party


If there is one thing that a writer (and any artist but I need to shrink the net here) needs to have, even more than talent, it is perseverance. You can gain talent, you can create drive, but without the willingness to keep at it against all odds then you are doomed right out of… Continue reading Perseverance


Well, now that Red Dreams is out and I have had the book release party - which was amazing, by the way - what comes next? Next is the long running over the big hills. Now I need to plot out the course for the year and beyond. I need to start figuring what conventions,… Continue reading And THEN…

S&Man – review

S&Man For fans of horror films there is always the allure of the unknown and the unseen. There is always the pull of the forbidden. When I was in my teens and twenties the bootleg horror market was booming. There were all kinds of horror movies from Asia, Europe, Mexico, even the U.S. that went… Continue reading S&Man – review

Ohhh, a ‘Fan Page’

It seems facetious to have a fan page made BY the person looking for fans but it is what it is. I prefer to call this more of a 'find out new stuff' place. And you can find said place HERE This page was deleted years ago. This site is where the goods are now.

Fright Flick – movie review

Fright Flick - movie review   It really is as I and a thousand other critics have said - if there is something hard to do it is the horror comedy. Filmmakers seem to do one element right and in so doing neglect the other and there are very, very few films that bridge the… Continue reading Fright Flick – movie review