Every once in a while you run into the end of your path and your left facing impassable brambles. It happens to everyone ad you have two choices, go back and find another path, or forge ahead, pulling at the brambles and making your own bloody path. Either path can be the right path, in… Continue reading Battery

going to be ok – story

most days there is only screaming. a white noise filling her head and crawling through her body like a thousand fire ants. the world was so loud. so angry. so fast. at school she would try to find a corner to go to and sit, away from everyone and everything, trying to grab hold of… Continue reading going to be ok – story

ball – A Story

this is a creepy little story that has been rattling in my brain for a bit now. this is a VERY rough draft of the story. it needs work. it needs smoothing out. i'll do those things...eventually. for now i offer this, a creepy tale i call  BALL I had a dog. I loved that… Continue reading ball – A Story

The Way Of The Gun

There is something chilling in our national adoration of guns and gun culture. Something that goes beyond a simple appreciation of shooting, or a desire to honor and champion the Second Amendment and freedom in America. What was once something that people had, a gun for hunting, maybe a handgun for self defense or home… Continue reading The Way Of The Gun


The saying goes that you should never let your reach get beyond your grasp. The idea is that you will risk too much for a gain that may be achieved with patience and a time. And this is a fair thing to say and, in its way, very wise. While not every endeavor is as… Continue reading Reach