Summer Update…

Well, The Meep Sheep has been out for a couple months now, and This Beautiful Darkness has been out for a year so it’s time for an update me thinks. Basically, so far so good. The Summer has been good so far. The first shows I did – Flint Comix Con, and Motorcity Nighteres were… Continue reading Summer Update…

Of Avatars and Saving the World

    As both a writer and a movie nerd the idea of writing an epic story has always been attractive. It’s the scale of the thing, the scope of it that is so appealing. That you can create not a place but a world, and you can populate that world in whatever manner you like… Continue reading Of Avatars and Saving the World

The Book Bizarre That Was…

I have been putting together and helping to put together events for a few years now and you never, ever get over the sheer shock and joy of seeing an event come together successfully. And sure, part of that is the pure ego of HA, WE DID IT but just as big is the fact… Continue reading The Book Bizarre That Was…

Requiescat In Pace

There are two things in life I don't think are ever possible - You can never repay the debts owed to the people who you love and who are there for you in life. No matter how long you have, no matter how many words you use, you can never tell the people that you… Continue reading Requiescat In Pace


Of late I have been having some fun on my Tumblr blog with some untold stories and histories of the Lands of Man and the Lands of the Animals that I wrote about in The Meep Sheep. The point of the new stories is to get all you good folks interested in the world of… Continue reading Exapansion


    Every so often a trend appears within the arts or culture that just takes the world by storm. Many times it’s something to do with technology and as we have aged as a culture this has certainly become apparent. Every ‘art’ has its tech now and you have to live with it, adapt to… Continue reading Three-Duh

Guerilla Art Show/The Art of 625

I have lived at 625 in downtown Flint for nearly five years now and I don't know if I will ever know how deeply this place has affected me. It is here where I put together my second and third book, where I got published in Bare Bone and in Cthulhu Sex, and it is… Continue reading Guerilla Art Show/The Art of 625

Buddha Boy – review

So I am onto the second of writer Kathe Koja’s Young Adult novels and man, she has totally opened my eyes to the category as far as its potential. I realize that people like S.E. Hinton were writing books that were slotted to this age range but to see what Koja is doing with her… Continue reading Buddha Boy – review

straydog – a review

If there is something good you can say about a book written with young adults in mind it is to say that they got their audience right and played to them directly, treating them as the young adults that they are. Too often the YA market is filled with pandering morality tales or books that… Continue reading straydog – a review

"What If…"

Years and years and years ago Marvel Comics asked that very question and from that question were born dozens of universes that filled what they consider the 'multi-verse', or basically a series of worlds with alternate histories to the one which Marvel has laid forth in their comics. What If allowed Marvel and its writers… Continue reading "What If…"