Doors to Dreams, Dreams to Nightmares

For some weird reason I am drawn to doors. Especially old doors. It started, I suppose, when I started a story cycle I haven't shared a whole lot and which I am in the middle of writing. The stories deal with keys which people find that open certain doors. The doorways lead to different places,… Continue reading Doors to Dreams, Dreams to Nightmares

As the dusky leaves do fall…

PS - I have no idea what the hell dusky leaves are but, dammit, it sounds all, you know, writerly. Like it seems to make sense. Sorta. PPS - You shouldn't begin the post with the end, but, you know, I just saved you from sitting through the credits. So, yeah, you're welcome. It has… Continue reading As the dusky leaves do fall…

After Dusk Falls – story

After Dusk Falls In the distance the trees looked like fading matches, their colors almost glowing in the dying light, and watching it, from a hundred doorways, were five hundred eyes. The children danced from foot to foot, anxiously awaiting the word from their parents that it was time for the night to begin and… Continue reading After Dusk Falls – story

Little Mean Things – a Halloween story

Little Mean Things It was a mistake. A monster. A thing that was not one of nature’s special creatures. It had no right to exist in a world of warm sunshine and cold science, of technology and dead gods but which existed despite all of that. In spite of it. It existed. And it was… Continue reading Little Mean Things – a Halloween story

The world through a prism

These are just some random photos I have taken recently. Not great, high art, but fun stuff that I edited down to focus on the images. I am still learning, with each photo I take, but the stories are there, waiting to be captured. I just have to learn to capture them in the best… Continue reading The world through a prism