Hero – story

Hero It wasn’t supposed to be like this. The blood ran from his head, across his face, and fell down onto the grass to form an ever-expanding puddle between his feet. His entire body was aching, sending wave after wave after wave crashing down on him and suddenly he didn’t even think he could stand.… Continue reading Hero – story

Words, I Writes 'Em

I know, I know, it seems like I am not really posting an stories on here and, well, ok, I am not. It isn't because I am not writing but because the stuff I have written is for an event so i can't post them yet. Maybe I can find something. Hmm... Anyway, I am… Continue reading Words, I Writes 'Em

Visions of Justin

Me and photography are not two things that necessarily go together. I have always admired the hell out of people who CAN take effective and beautiful photos (Miss Toxic Panda strongly included, among many other friends) and, like painting, have always wanted to learn how to do it. Even when I got my first camera… Continue reading Visions of Justin

Garden of Stone 2 – My Return To Tyrone Sunken Gardens

I already gave a brief idea in a previous post about what Tyrone Sunken Gardens is like so I'll spare you other than to say - imagine a wheel, with a white stone as its center, then with spokes of paving stones going out to four points. At the north and south are gates, if… Continue reading Garden of Stone 2 – My Return To Tyrone Sunken Gardens

The places that I go…

This is a totally random amalgamation of images of the places around where I live and of a painting I did last week. There's no real meaning other than I was out and about and taking pictures of things that intrigued me. That's the fun of being a hobby photographer - I don't have to… Continue reading The places that I go…

North Saginaw Street

Flint's a funny city for a lot of reasons but the reason the always perplexes me is the indifference to areas that are not right, square downtown. Sure, there are people that live and care about the other areas of Flint but for some reason no one seems willing or able to set their goals… Continue reading North Saginaw Street