FLASHBACK – Tattered Tents & Whispered Wishes

Click Image To Purchase! As I have mentioned before, the lightning bolt that created Tattered Tents… came to me at a county fair. I was working a second job briefly as a recruiter for a local community college and had set a tent up at the fair for the weekend. It was hot and windy… Continue reading FLASHBACK – Tattered Tents & Whispered Wishes

When We’re Dead

I think most of us, deep down, hope we're not forgotten when we're dead. I think we hope that should there be a viewing, a funeral, or just a gathering, will not be forgotten. I think though, that we may be mistaken if we believe that there will be a big showing because sometimes we're… Continue reading When We’re Dead

What’s So Fair?

It's funny how we change as we get older and see more of the world. The views we had change, the things that never bothered us are suddenly deal breakers, and we start to see a fuller picture than we realized was ever there. I remember as a kid how much I loved the circus.… Continue reading What’s So Fair?


We refer to our relationships with our parents as complicated as if any parental/child relationship is 'normal'. Normal. We obsess over the idea of normalcy all our lives, striving for it, yearning for it, but there is no normal. There's only reality, and the reality is that every relationship with your parents, if you have… Continue reading Dad

Deny, deny, deny

I am led to wonder lately how it is we can present ourselves as the leaders of the ‘free’ world when we live in such denial. Now, each of us lives in personal denial of one thing or another - we really do need to exercise, we really do need to find a  new job,… Continue reading Deny, deny, deny

Just So We’re Clear…It’s Fake

I have to admit that I am a little surprised by how effective Found Footage films and faux documentaries are in convincing people they are real.  Really real.  I remember when BLAIR WITCH PROJECT came out and how some people were outraged that such a film could be released. They wondered how some company, how… Continue reading Just So We’re Clear…It’s Fake

False Idols

There is something chilling about a political party that pretends to be very pious and devout to the Christian faith following a false idol. How many times have we heard the lectures that the Antichrist is coming and that they are among us now? How many times have we heard religious leaders more interested in… Continue reading False Idols

Return of the Doodlebug

I don't draw nearly enough these days. I used to love it as a kid but as I have gotten older I obsess about the talent I DON'T have and don't focus on the talent, or skill, I do have. Sure, I am not as good as lots of people at a lot of things… Continue reading Return of the Doodlebug

THE ANDY BAKER TAPE – found footage review

I have all the admiration in the world for folks that just DO IT when it comes to movies. They have a vision and they just see it through. This isn’t to say that’s necessarily the case - or not the case - with THE ANDY BAKER TAPE but with two cast members, that’s a… Continue reading THE ANDY BAKER TAPE – found footage review

The Spooky Chris Podcast – How To Self Publish A Book…or how I did it.

In which I talk about the HOW TO of putting a self published book together. From the writing, the editing, the cover, and then marketing, this is how I did it. -- Music by Skeleton Kids.

FLASHBACK – The Meep Sheep Trilogy

When I first discovered the wonders of self-publishing - and yeah, I’ll say wonders, darn it because for folks like me that can’t get in with a traditional publisher it’s an amazing asset to be able to utilize to get your work out to the world - one of the big things I wanted to… Continue reading FLASHBACK – The Meep Sheep Trilogy

The Road Behind

I have always had a love for classic cars. I imagine it comes from my father, who has always loved them as well. Classic cars and car culture are quintessential parts of Americana and of what we imagine as this idealized America. They are part of our identity.  While I am glad that we are… Continue reading The Road Behind

APOCALYPSE CULT – found footage review

Aaargh! If there is something that drives me crazy about found footage movies/faux-docs it's when they set up something really well but can't figure out how the heck to end things. They build this great structure but forget to put a darn roof on and the whole thing gets flooded. Aaaargh! Anyway, hey, let's talka… Continue reading APOCALYPSE CULT – found footage review