A Fall – a story

rough draft of a story i wrote this week before finding out about the loss of a friend who took their own life. this story feels very raw and real to me but i think there's a sort of truth in that that maybe someone can get somthing from.  There was no flash. No revelation.… Continue reading A Fall – a story

The Dark Days

Being just shy of forty-five, I have worked a lot of jobs. A lot of jobs. I started working when I was a teenager, doing occasional yard work for a neighbor for $5 an hour, which at the time seemed pretty amazing. From there I worked with my sister cleaning a couple offices my dad… Continue reading The Dark Days

The Burning Roots

I think I started writing about the witch trees in the early 2000s. I am not sure what made me come up with them, the idea of trees that were a sort of witch's coven but far more powerful Far more dangerous. They were creatures, not of earth but part of a larger, darker picture… Continue reading The Burning Roots