The Art Of The Word

There is a strange misconception when it comes to, well, Art in general but writing in particular. You walk into a bookstore or look online and there’s Fiction, and Literary Fiction, and then the many types of genre fiction. It’s a strange dichotomy. The notion that a horror novel cannot be literary or a literary… Continue reading The Art Of The Word

The House We Never – a story

This is a new story as of 6.23.17. A strange tale of northern Michigan and hidden secrets and deep woods. The story is inspired as much by a recent trip to the U.P, as we 'troll's call the northern part of our state, as it is the sparse, mysterious storytelling that always draws me to… Continue reading The House We Never – a story

The Hopeless

In the internet age it’s hard not to find the many potholes, dead ends, and darkened streets that litter that information highway most of us use consistently. We don’t usually mean to find out way into these places or into these potholes but playing the links can get you into trouble. With so many people… Continue reading The Hopeless