WHEN YOU WERE HEREI remember your smell.I can’t say what it was, it was, I don’t know, it was cigarettes and hair spray and perfume and, and sex, was it sex, beneath all of it, beneath all of it and hidden in those layers?Was it sex?I think of the men you would go out with,… Continue reading WHEN YOU WERE HERE – story

The Lame Game

The Lame GameEr, I think I meant to make that the BLAME Game but, well, maybe lame works better.Truth?It does.This is an odd time in America and we are going through a VERY awkward period. Taking out my monocle and playing pocket Sociologist I can’t wonder if we’re still suffering the growing pains of righting… Continue reading The Lame Game


There's a point in your  adolescence that every age beyond your own seems old. So very old. So distant. Thirteen you can go to 'PG-13' movies. Fifteen and you can learn how to drive. Sixteen and you can drive. Seventeen and you can get into 'R' Rated movies. Eighteen and you can vote - and… Continue reading 40