As the year winds down we’ll start to see the social network posts about being thankful, and being blessed, and how we’re all one and everything is swell. For a short time we’re willing to overlook the madness of the world and pretend we can see above it all. Good. We shouldn’t have to fake… Continue reading Thankful

Perfect Endings

As fans we all have our ‘perfect’ endings for the things we love, be it movies, books, comics, or something else that is more than a self-contained work. There is a gulf of difference between the solitary work and the series, an investment of time and emotion that most singular works don’t inspire. While a… Continue reading Perfect Endings


There is something about the ‘found’ sort of story that has always drawn me. It’s the reason I love campfire storytelling so much. The immediacy of finding someone in the middle of a horror they hadn’t seen coming is powerful and went done well can leave a chill that isn’t easily shaken. The ‘found’ story… Continue reading FOUND

The Why

Earlier today I saw a friend re-post something an author had written on ye olde social network about what their WHY was for writing and it is something all authors really need to know and understand. I mean, heck, all people, especially artists, should take a moment to ask why they do the things that… Continue reading The Why