Thanksgiving–a story

This is a story I wrote for the 2012 Thanksgiving. My tribute, of sorts. This is also notable as it will be part of a book I am working on for 2013. The book has been long in the works and will finally be finished and see the dark light of day. Enjoy. (By the… Continue reading Thanksgiving–a story

Why We Do It

Every so often I find myself asking - why do I do this? And sometimes I don't know. Sometimes I am just staring up from the bottom of a deep, dark well and I honestly don't know why I do it. Why I write. Why I paint. Why I draw. Why I take photos. Why… Continue reading Why We Do It

I Remember Halloween

Halloween is over for another year and the pangs of regret follow in its heavy footsteps. I wish I could have decorated more. I wish I woulda had more candy for the kids. I wish I woulda gone to a haunted house. I wish I woulda written more. I wish I woulda been more in… Continue reading I Remember Halloween