George–A Zombie Intervention – review

George – A Zombie Intervention - review Ya know, I love zombies as much, no, more than the next guy but man, I tell you what, they are starting to get like vampires – which is to say that they are overexposed. The good thing is that zombies are still pretty interesting, and there are… Continue reading George–A Zombie Intervention – review

A Book, Is A Book, Is A Book…

With the advent and infiltration of the e-reader and the tablet into the marketplace and popular culture there is a sudden rising fear with writers and readers alike that the book as a physical thing is in its last days, something that is sorta sad and funny at the same time. It isn't sad because… Continue reading A Book, Is A Book, Is A Book…

Peace Through Violence And Other Lies

I decided a long, long time ago to stop blogging as a means of self discovery and self-exorcism. It's handy, and it's interesting, but it's altogether too dangerous and personal. And if you know me I am not all about laying my feelings out there. Too often the tool you hand someone is then fashioned… Continue reading Peace Through Violence And Other Lies

It's the End of the Year As We Know It…

Every year around about this time I sit down and try to give my own thanks to all the people in my life and look back on the year that was. Welcome, friend, to 2011’s version.  It’s The End of the Year As We Know It  You know, I have been writing these little end… Continue reading It's the End of the Year As We Know It…

i-Crime – Movie review

i-Crime              Oh dear, oh dear. Sometimes you just watch a movie and wonder if the people who made it knew what it was they were making. Ya wonder if anyone ever had a moment during filming where they realized, geez, I think we’re missing our target. You know, like if you were making a… Continue reading i-Crime – Movie review

11-11-11 Movie review

11-11-11 Movie review UGH! That is my review of this film. Three letters, one word, one feeling – UGH! Man alive, I tell you what, I dragged my girlfriend to a dumpy mall an hour and a half away from where we live to see what I thought would be a creepy little movie only… Continue reading 11-11-11 Movie review

Reckon – a story

So here is a new story, a very RAW story in the literal sense. It was just completed today and I haven't cleaned it up so it's raw. This story is a follow up to a story in RED DREAMS but should play well if you haven't read that one. What it is, is dark.… Continue reading Reckon – a story

How We Got To Where We Went

It feels slightly pompous to act as if putting a horror convention together , a FIRST YEAR horror convention, is anything of great importance and in all honesty, it isn't THAT important but for those of us directly involved in the long process of doing it it was, and it became our lives. As personal… Continue reading How We Got To Where We Went

The Long Rest

It’s a strange, scary thing to think, no, not just to think but to say – I lived a dream. It’s scary because the dreams, the  big dreams, tend to see so distant, so ethereal that at times they seem as if they are impossible. As if all they can be is a dream. I… Continue reading The Long Rest