Brief interview with me is up on the Michigan Times website. Article by Annette Wierz UM-Flint alumnus Chris Ringler promoted his second book “This Beautiful Darkness” at Pages Bookstore Oct. 9. Ringler was born in Flint, raised in Linden and attended Lake Fenton High School. He attended Mott Community College and then UM-Flint where… Continue reading Interview…

The Opening Night Jitters – a Halloween story

The Opening Night Jitters Billy put the last body in place and let out a long breath. It was done. At least his part in it. Beyond the zombies and the skeletons wasn’t his problem, that was Mark’s job, and if Mark was still making eyes at Dani, well, that sir, wasn’t his problem, now… Continue reading The Opening Night Jitters – a Halloween story

of Shadow, Of Light

When I was a kid, I did art all the time. I loved it. I dunno that I would say I was good at it, necessarily, but I loved it. It wasn't until I was a teenager that I started to do anything with writing and, when I was late in my teens I gave… Continue reading of Shadow, Of Light

The Fear of Clowns – Version 2

Here is a bit of an experiment and a bit of a glimpse into how my mind works. I really like this story. There is something about the idea of burning clowns that just clicks for me. As much as I like it though, it felt like it could be better. More effective. This is… Continue reading The Fear of Clowns – Version 2

Everyone's a Critic

Ah, I live in a funny place, this Flint. I love it here, loved it enough to move here four years ago and become involved in the arts here. Loved it enough to stand up for things when I see something wrong. And there is the rub. Flint is, as well known as it may… Continue reading Everyone's a Critic

The Meep Sheep

The Meep Sheep And there Up in the sky I saw a dream of Hope And smiled From Darkness Doubt Despair The came. They are – Sunshine Laughter Daffodils in rain. I saw them in my heart and the shadows fell away. And I smiled to see them Knowing – Had I eyes I could… Continue reading The Meep Sheep

The Fear of Clowns – a Halloween tale

THE FEAR OF CLOWNS As dark as the night was, the smoke coming from the fire was thicker, and blacker, and blotted out the sliver of moon that hung low in the sky. The moon watched things more closely on Halloween night, and watched keenly, and tonight there was much to see. The man, well… Continue reading The Fear of Clowns – a Halloween tale

The Skelebration of Scares

On Friday, October 9th, Pages Bookstore will be host to the SKELEBRATION OF SCARES, an event that will bring a little Halloween to the monthly Art Walk in downtown Flint. The SKELEBRATION OF SCARES will feature local and regional writers and storytellers telling tales that will sends shivers down the spine and will bring in… Continue reading The Skelebration of Scares