The Monsters Are Coming

So, because my mind is a bit shark-like I am always thinking on the next thing I wanna work on. Book. Story. Movie. Promo. Event. I am always thinking about it and turning it over in my mind like a Worry Stone. For 2020 I still have two books planned for release - a kid's… Continue reading The Monsters Are Coming

We Watch

this is a rough work. We Wait As time goes by our numbers only grow and we wait. We wait for the day we can be at rest knowing it may never come.We wait.For Providence, Sanity, and Hope.We wait for the Impossible Trinity like childrenwaiting for their prize. We watch them scurry like insects out… Continue reading We Watch

The Spooky Chris Podcast Episode 49 – The Meep Sheep Trilogy

In which I talk about my fantasy trilogy THE MEEP SHEEP/THE KREEP SHEEP/THE LAST SHEEP Buy me!

Creation To Halt Destruction

It's hard to look at the news these days and not feel the cold of a shadow overtaking your heart. These are bleak times. But they are not end times. Not unless we allow them to be them. So. What do we do. We move forward. We survive. The thing is that sometimes that means… Continue reading Creation To Halt Destruction

Darkest Days

            It seems the bitterest of ironies that things could be so bleak and stressful as spring is starting to return. With the sunshine and warm air drawing us out and tempting us to go for a drive, to go out with friends, and to remind ourselves that there’s life outside of our homes. That’s… Continue reading Darkest Days