Buy My Books For As Low As .99Cents!

Curious about my books? Have a Kindle? Well then, all of my books are available on Kindle (save for Back from Nothing but that's WAY pre-Kindle so it's only in paperback...from me). Better - All of my story collections are .99 cents.  The novel is $5 but that's a behemoth. Best - If you have… Continue reading Buy My Books For As Low As .99Cents!


The saying goes 'familiarity breeds contempt' and it couldn't be more true - when you are an artist or a writer and you don't get your book further out than your immediate area you will hit a very, very large wall of indifference.  It isn't that people don't like you, and not that they don't… Continue reading Contempt

A Shadow Over Ever – an excerpt

Last night was an amazing night for me. I have wanted to see the release of my novel A Shadow Over Ever for a long, long time and it's amazing to finally have it out.Here is a sample from deeper in the book, when things are established and the true danger is becoming apparent. This… Continue reading A Shadow Over Ever – an excerpt

A Note To Friends And A Press Release – Hooray?

Eighteen years ago I began a journey.  It started with a short, weird little story about an angry man with a pumpkin on his head and it became the seed for what would eventually become my first and perhaps only novel.  This novel has been with me for a long time.  From that short story… Continue reading A Note To Friends And A Press Release – Hooray?