Grieve – A Story

This is a rough story I just wrote. It feels awkward in parts and needs a lot more polish I'd wager but I wanted to share it. Heck, if it ever IS evened out then maybe I can do something else with it. For now, here's a rough version of a dark little tale.  Grieve… Continue reading Grieve – A Story

Running The Asylum

Sometimes it's hard to decide which way the world will turn - we'll either save ourselves and tell the stories of how we did it to the stars as we enter a new age or we'll dance in the ashes as we burn ourselves to dust. Sometimes it's hard to tell which way world will… Continue reading Running The Asylum

Long Lost

Long Lost I got a call at work the other day that just broke my heart. It was an older man – 80 – who, after asking a question about a local school, wondered if I had a way to find the phone number for a friend he had lost contact with years and years… Continue reading Long Lost