On Being An Apocalyptic City And Finding Hope In The Flames

I have been stewing for a few days on the most recent ‘article’ which offers up Flint as public sacrifice to the gods of ‘page views’ and ‘controversy’. I was shocked to see another missive on how terrible, and deadly, and dangerous the city is from another person who has never been within a hundred… Continue reading On Being An Apocalyptic City And Finding Hope In The Flames

I Believe – Christmas Story 2013

Every year I try to write a Halloween and Christmas story. Here is this year’s story. Enjoy, dear reader. I Believe We are taught even as children that magic isn’t real. That the world is made up of math, and science, and reason, and there are no gray areas and no shadows where magic can… Continue reading I Believe – Christmas Story 2013


I love the FRIDAY THE 13th films. Heaven help me I really do. Of all the slasher franchises those and the HALLOWEEN films have always been the ones I liked best. Not that these are groundbreaking films in what they do or anything but they are fun and they have definitely added new elements along… Continue reading Saving FRIDAY