Art With a "Message"

I can be called many things but an elitist is not one of those things. I grew up a dork, and remain a dork to this day. That is who I am. And having not done art since I was a teenager, I am a self taught artist, so any ego I have about my… Continue reading Art With a "Message"

The Ones That Get Away

Twice I can recall times where writing just broke my heart. The first time was I was still a teenager and had been working on a story called Road Kill for what must have been weeks. It was the longest piece I had written I was really proud of it. I had a notebook I… Continue reading The Ones That Get Away

Ten Years Gone…

Today is one of those days in life where it is important for me, means something to me, but which no one will really care about. For me, today marks the tenth anniversary of my first book signing, which was at the Borders Books and Music in Flint, Michigan. The anniversary though is more for… Continue reading Ten Years Gone…

Garden of Eden 3

These are the last of my Garden photos that I did last weekend down the alley where I live. These are less whimsical and are more visceral. The theme is similar to what has been seen in photos I have done before but I am more confident with the camera, have a better camera, and… Continue reading Garden of Eden 3

In the Garden

Where I live in downtown Flint is a pretty fun little area. I live on the main drag through Flint, called Saginaw Street, and have an alley behind the building which butts us up against the Capitol Theater, an old school theater that is full of character but which has seen better days. Down our… Continue reading In the Garden