The Last Halloween – a short film

last halloween posterTHE LAST HALLOWEEN



On her last Halloween a father sits his daughter down to tell her a creepy story he knows from his youth. What she doesn’t know though is what dark forest this story will lead her to. 


Chris Ringler

Shot By 

Chris Ringler

Jessica Revoldt

Amanda Ringler


Skeleton Kids


Cloaks – Zophael Ray

Masks – Ryan Gregory


Dominique Hinde

Paul Counelis

Zakaree Randol

Steven Sherman

Daniel Osborne

Jesse Counelis

Christian Randol

Dakota Camp

Christopher Ringler

Film –

THE LAST HALLOWEEN started out as a short film intended to be part of an anthology some friends and I were making. This was my first experience making a film myself, having worked on improvised films as a kid, and it was both fun and incredibly stressful. It took over two years to make the film, it changed completely from how I initially conceived it, I had to re-cast some of it, but I am proud of what it is. It’s rough around the edges, for sure, but I am proud of it.

The film is available for film festivals and will be for sale at any shows I do.