What We Lost…

Just some funky photography I did around where I live and one of the bookstores where I work. Winter doesn't inspire me as much as the other months for photography so I wanted to shoot some stuff.

The Things in the House – story

This was a story first published In BARE BONE. Sorta silly but creepy and fun. The Things in the House The things in the house know when They are gone. Until then, the things hide like children, beneath stairs, in cupboards, in walls. When darkness creeps over the flesh of the house, the things slip… Continue reading The Things in the House – story

Submit, Submit, Submit, they cry!

So, if you are gonna do the whole writer thing, hell, I guess any arty sorta stuff, there comes the day when you must submit to the will of  the Other. Submission is part of the process though. Whatever you do, whatever art you are involved in you have to submit to the public, to… Continue reading Submit, Submit, Submit, they cry!

MurderLove – a story

This is a story that was first published in an issue of the defunct CTHULHU SEX. And, can I tell you that I HATE the funky way WordPress fucks with stuff I cut and paste from Word. Can I do that? UGH! MurderLove She looked up at the clock and, realizing what time it was,… Continue reading MurderLove – a story

A Novel Affair

So it's funny, at least to me, that I have posted a sample from my novel because it is a novel I never intended to write. It isn't that, you know, I never WANTED to write a novel but... Shit, let's be honest here, I NEVER wanted to write a novel. Never. Ever. Never ever.… Continue reading A Novel Affair

A Shadow Over Ever – sample…

So I wrote a novel. I love this thing with all my heart but it has yet to see the day. This is one scene from later in the book, between the main character Pete Anders and Jesus Christ. Pete has become the general of the armies of Heaven in an infernal war between set… Continue reading A Shadow Over Ever – sample…

Publish Thy Self

I think the two great fears of any writer, hell, at least me, are no one caring about what you are writing and finding no market for what you write. Well, the older I have gotten and the more I have read I have realized that, well, it's true, there really is someone for everything.… Continue reading Publish Thy Self

And Now the News (and its none too slow death)

I had a thought the other day that really worries me - that we are, bit by bit, losing the news. It is strange, as the world expands with blogging, websites, and personal account reporting you would think that we would be getting more news than ever and, to a degree that is true, but… Continue reading And Now the News (and its none too slow death)