Kissing – a Creepy Christmas Tale

Kissing When I was a little kid Christmas was the most important thing in my life. I loved everything about it. I loved the music, the lights, the church service, spending time with my family, spending time with my friends, like I said, I loved all of it. Christmas, with its mythology, and its mystery… Continue reading Kissing – a Creepy Christmas Tale

RoadKill – a novel

A million years ago, back when I was still a kid that had never even thought about writing more than occasionally and certainly never had thought about putting a book out, I wrote a story called Roadkill. In my mind it was a novella but in reality it was probably just a long short story.… Continue reading RoadKill – a novel

Winter Chill

I think the holidays dredge up memories for all of us. Most of mine are good. Despite my love of Halloween and all things dark and creepy I really love Christmas and this season. Something recently made me remember something though that is a bit of a darker memory. Call it the end of my… Continue reading Winter Chill

End Times

2018 will be a year that sticks with me for many reasons but the biggest is the loss of my mother, something we knew was coming but which, as they say, you are never prepared for when it happens. With mom it was a slow decline that we could only bear silent witness to. It… Continue reading End Times