The Last War…er…Sheep

Book - The Last - is finished.  Huzzah.  Boo.  Hiss.  Whatevs.  Still not sure what I feel about it. I am the worst  judge of my own work because I am very hard on myself and am not sure I think anything I write is more than OK. All of this is prolly why I… Continue reading The Last War…er…Sheep

Saying Goodbye But GOD WHAT A RACKET!

The things that stay with you are strange. Memories thought forgotten that are just lying dormant but there, waiting for a trigger. Such is the case with me today as I learned of the passing of DAVE BROCKIE, the singer of gore-rock band GWAR. For many GWAR was just a gross metal band that lived… Continue reading Saying Goodbye But GOD WHAT A RACKET!

STORY TIME! – The Raging Stallion

Gaze in wonder upon the ridiculousness that is my sort of attempt at romantic fiction. I wrote it for a 'zine some friends and I do occasionally. Yup. The Raging Stallion by Christopher Scott Ringler   Meredith was sunning herself by the pond when she first saw the stallion and until then she had been… Continue reading STORY TIME! – The Raging Stallion