Con Game

It was on the second day of the Motorcity Comic Con that I realized that that show marked twenty years of doing conventions and indeed twenty years of doing the MCC.Crazy, I know!A lot has changed in those twenty years in that con, cons in general, and in me. SO this is sort of my… Continue reading Con Game

The Death Of Politeness.

I have a problem. A sickness some may call it. You see, I call women ‘ma’am’ and men ‘sir’ when I deal with them. Now, this is even if they are family or friends. It’s meant as a sign of respect and it’s a bit of formality that I like. It’s also POLITE! I worked… Continue reading The Death Of Politeness.

There Were Three – a story

This is a story I kinda fever-wrote. There may be mistakes, you need to figure out that there are two speakers, and it's weird. Have fun.THERE WERE THREEThere were three, you know.Three what?Siblings. Children. Three.Oh, um, OK, so uh, you have kids?No, not me. No. In the darkness there were three. The three came from… Continue reading There Were Three – a story

Preaching to the Choir

With the recent death of GWAR lead singer Dave Brockie it occurred to me that we’re losing our appreciation of The Other Side. We’re losing our ability to see past ourselves and to imagine a bigger world.I followed Brockie’s ODERUS (his GWAR character’s name) Twitter feed and it was all but guaranteed to offend at… Continue reading Preaching to the Choir