The Con Game 2016

Convention life is a very strange thing. For the time you are there – three-ish days usually – it is as if there is no world outside of the con. You don’t see the news until the show is over for the day. You don’t know the weather unless you go outside. And the usual… Continue reading The Con Game 2016

Why I Do It

In talking to someone at work today I mentioned that I was going to a big comic convention this weekend to sell my books. They said that sounded like fun and hoped I sold some books. I told them - well, I don't. I never do. (This is writer hyperbole - I DO sell books,… Continue reading Why I Do It

The Circle

I went to my first convention when I was just a kid. Two friends and I went to a Fangoria Weekend of Horrors show in Dearborn, Michigan and spent the weekend there. This was in 1990. We went back in 1991 and those were the only two times that Fango visited the Mighty Mitten. Those… Continue reading The Circle