The Kreep Sheep approaches

Finished the writing for The Kreep Sheep and am on to the editing, sometimes the most fun and arduous part of the whole process. Editing is always interesting because you get to refine the story and re-discover it and make sure it woks. With this book it's a matter of making sure the facts match… Continue reading The Kreep Sheep approaches

Bleading Lady

I think I discovered a new type of movie, a new subgenre. No, it's true. Torture Corn. Movies about torturing and killing people but which are not serious in the least. Hm, no, that isn't right. Rats. I'll work on it. Anyway, the movie that inspired this new idea for a subgenre is Bleading Lady,… Continue reading Bleading Lady

Turn Down That Music You Darn Kids!

I am deviating a little from the norm here and am going to talk about something I never really talk about and that is music. I never really talk about music because it is the one thing I love that I am really self conscious about because I know so many people who are musicians,… Continue reading Turn Down That Music You Darn Kids!