All the Boys Love Mandy Lane – film review

All The Boys Love Mandy Lane Mandy Lane is a every high school boy’s dream – a shy teen who has finally blossomed but doesn’t seem to know it yet. She is a young woman who developed over the course of the summer and all the boys are noticing, to the chagrin of her best… Continue reading All the Boys Love Mandy Lane – film review

The House of the Devil – review

THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL It is an interesting trend in horror these days, the pull away from modernism and the move towards nostalgia. It is as if the '80s and '70s are hallowed horror ground where all the classic horror films were made. While I can appreciate a move towards realism and better film-making,… Continue reading The House of the Devil – review


ANTICHRIST Well, if you can say anything about ANTICHRIST it is that it earns every ounce of its controversy. A bold, challenging, nihilistic, and hateful little thing, this is the sort of movie that movie elitists always claim they want but rarely embrace. Well, if you want a self-absorbed director exorcising some nasty personal demons… Continue reading ANTICHRIST – review