Sorry Not Sorry 

So when I write these blogs I write them with the understanding that I am screaming into the darkness. Talking to myself. These are my way to think through things and to see how they look on a shelf. A person or two may read my bloggies and that is rad but I don’t really… Continue reading Sorry Not Sorry 

Meet Little Sue!

Once upon a time I had the weird notion to do a kid’s book, inspired by two guests we’d had at our horror con. Both loved monsters and had loved them since they were a kid, being part of the generation known as ‘monster kids’. In my own way I was always a monster kid… Continue reading Meet Little Sue!


The internet is a wonderful and awful place, as we both know. Wonderful because it empowers us to learn, discover, connect, and share the world around us. Awful because too often it empowers people to hide behind their hate, their anger, and their pettiness and creates these pockets where some feel they need to hide.… Continue reading STEP BACK, I’M AN EXPERT