The Show Must Go On

I have been doing conventions for a long time. A long, long time. Both comic and horror with some art and book festivals thrown in for good measure. This past weekend I went to what was easily the biggest horror con I have ever done – Days of the Dead, Indy. I was so fired… Continue reading The Show Must Go On

One For The Road

There are topics that I write about and will swing back to time and again as new perspective emerges, as I discover I have more to say, or when I just plumb forget that I wrote about the topic. Oops. As more and more films are remade it occurs to me that we still have… Continue reading One For The Road

The Art of Art

The Art of Art In the rush to embrace the next trend, crown the next genius, and jump on the next bandwagon I think we forget that art is about you. Or rather You. Art is a lot of things, so many things that people get years of schooling just to tell others what is… Continue reading The Art of Art