My Newest Releases

For me, I feel weird if I am not creating in some way. The way my mind works is that I always have to have a creative project cooking or I get antsy. In all this though it's easy for me to forget that I have released three books in the last year. While the… Continue reading My Newest Releases

Man-Made-Meats – a tale

Consider this a golden oldie. I wrote this for a website I had a long, long, long time ago. Just me being weird. It has never made it into a book. Perhaps it will some day. It's just so darned weird. It was slated for an abandoned collection but maybe that collection shall rise again… Continue reading Man-Made-Meats – a tale

To The Beat Of A Drum

            It feels strange that for the many, many years I have been writing and writing blogs that I rarely talk about music and its influence on my life. It’s not that music isn’t a constant in my life, a constant in my head, but that I feel like an imposter talking about music. I… Continue reading To The Beat Of A Drum

Things To Come

A few weeks ago, as it seemed as if the pandemic was lessening, I started asking myself what have you done? Now, mind you, I have still been working through all of this, remotely, but I felt the weight of all of this time. I felt the weight of not being able to see friends,… Continue reading Things To Come