Halloween Forever

Halloween, a holiday many of us love, is changing. It is changing as society is changing, and that is a good thing. In order for the holiday to survive and continue it needs to evolve as we do. Some holidays, like Christmas, are steeped in tradition and reverence but Halloween lives on shifting sand and… Continue reading Halloween Forever

School Grays

School Grays Fair warning, this is a very long bloggy post. After writing my last blog about Halloween I heard something that got me thinking, thinking about school and the way we treat school…and the way we treat our kids. You would think that in 2015 we would be at a place where education was… Continue reading School Grays

Taking Back Halloween

We need to take back Halloween! Yes, let's take it back. TAKE IT BACK! Only...we're the ones that gave it away. We're the ones that let people take it. WE are the ones that made it so easy to take. Here's the thing, I love Halloween. LOVE IT. RARRR! Halloween, like Christmas and Thanksgiving, are… Continue reading Taking Back Halloween