The Hide – movie review

The Hide – review The thriller is a tricky genre.  You see, in many ways it is a horror film but it’s just that the horror is based wholly in the real, wholly in the concrete.  There is a sense of dread but not fear, but there is also a distinct sense of mystery because… Continue reading The Hide – movie review

To Those In Need–a story

To Those In Need     The snow was falling. This wasn’t the first snow of the season but this was the most significant snow, the first real snow. The city was huddled together against the cold and spreading darkness but passed in silence, defenses up against forced holiday cheer. As the snow falls the darkness… Continue reading To Those In Need–a story

Bite Marks–review

   Oh vampires, you are so darned popular these days it’s sickening.  I realize that you guys are hip, and have that whole danger aspect that the kids love these days but darn it I really need you guys to lay low for a while.  It’s just too much.  Give the other monsters a chance,… Continue reading Bite Marks–review

Exit Strategy

   I have watched the Occupy movement as an interested observer since its inception.  It was a movement I didn’t understand completely but which I appreciated as far as the ideas behind it.  The movement seemed to grow organically and it spread like wildfire, building into something America hasn’t seen in decades – a youth… Continue reading Exit Strategy