The Great Change

We are in historic times. We hear that a lot, but truly, it has never been more true than now. We are in historic times. We live during a time where we have watched social, political, and ecological changes on massive scales and we are part of all of it. For good or ill, our… Continue reading The Great Change

Once Upon A Hobbit

As a diehard Peter Jackson fan my mind blew when I learned he was going to be adapting the epic fantasy series. I had followed Jackson’s career since I first saw the VHS box for his firs film BAD TASTE. There was something fun and outrageous about his style that I adored and in seeing… Continue reading Once Upon A Hobbit

Time Machine – More Bennie Bromstein Fun

Herein there's more randomness with special guest start Jack Lockhard as Rev. Oslo Netfetter. Just a couple things this time. I fear that much of my Bennie work is lost to the ages but hey, it's always fun to see the weird and mildly angry stuff I wrote in my younger days. The Further Adventures… Continue reading Time Machine – More Bennie Bromstein Fun

Time Machine Fun! – Bennie Bromstein Stuff From 1998

Have you ever wondered what sort of weirdo I was in the 1990's? Before I was an international sensation? Boy are you in for a treat. The following is from an issue of The Eyes of Bennie Bromstein from 1998, which seems like a whole other planet to me. Weird. There's cursing, there's weirdness, and… Continue reading Time Machine Fun! – Bennie Bromstein Stuff From 1998

Back in the Day – The Eyes of Bennie Bromstein circa 2011

Once upon a time I was cool. OK, that's a lie because I have never been cool. Ever. I shrug off coolness like a really frilly shawl on a hot day. I am just not made for cool. So let's just say a long, long time ago I did 'zines with friends. This was after… Continue reading Back in the Day – The Eyes of Bennie Bromstein circa 2011

Living In The Folds Of History

To say that the time we are living in his surreal is an understatement but to say that they are historic is spot on. We are living in the middle of history. Big History.  The sort of history classes are framed around.  Sure, this era has been an historic one for a lot of reasons… Continue reading Living In The Folds Of History

Free E-Books!

Hey there, during a time where we really need to be mindful about keeping our distance I wanted to give folks something to do/read. I am like every other indie author ou tthere trying to get my books into hands and trying to make a couple bucks at it but what's going on is beyond… Continue reading Free E-Books!


I am so excited that my newest book, Tattered Tents & Whispered Wishes is finally out. When I first started this book I did so with the understanding that it was unlike anything I had written before and I am thrilled with how it turned out. It's a strange, dark tale that isn't necessarily horror… Continue reading TATTERED TENTS & WHISPERED WISHES Is HERE!

The Ceaseless March of Machinery

         There are times when I would swear to you that I am nuts. A lot of times. OK, most of the time. There’s like a machine in me that will never turn off, no matter what I do. It’s the same machine everyone has in them, the one that drives us and inspires us… Continue reading The Ceaseless March of Machinery


This small tease is taken from the very beginning of my upcoming book TATTERED TENTS & WHISPERED WISHES. The book is the story of a young person searching for the one place on earth they feel they may belong - The Fair. The book will be released on Friday, March 13th. I think all of… Continue reading TATTERED TENTS & WHISPERED WISHES – teaser