Time Machine – More Bennie Bromstein Fun

Herein there's more randomness with special guest start Jack Lockhard as Rev. Oslo Netfetter. Just a couple things this time. I fear that much of my Bennie work is lost to the ages but hey, it's always fun to see the weird and mildly angry stuff I wrote in my younger days. The Further Adventures… Continue reading Time Machine – More Bennie Bromstein Fun

Time Machine Fun! – Bennie Bromstein Stuff From 1998

Have you ever wondered what sort of weirdo I was in the 1990's? Before I was an international sensation? Boy are you in for a treat. The following is from an issue of The Eyes of Bennie Bromstein from 1998, which seems like a whole other planet to me. Weird. There's cursing, there's weirdness, and… Continue reading Time Machine Fun! – Bennie Bromstein Stuff From 1998

Back in the Day – The Eyes of Bennie Bromstein circa 2011

Once upon a time I was cool. OK, that's a lie because I have never been cool. Ever. I shrug off coolness like a really frilly shawl on a hot day. I am just not made for cool. So let's just say a long, long time ago I did 'zines with friends. This was after… Continue reading Back in the Day – The Eyes of Bennie Bromstein circa 2011


I am so excited that my newest book, Tattered Tents & Whispered Wishes is finally out. When I first started this book I did so with the understanding that it was unlike anything I had written before and I am thrilled with how it turned out. It's a strange, dark tale that isn't necessarily horror… Continue reading TATTERED TENTS & WHISPERED WISHES Is HERE!