Selling Out

Can I tell you how weird it is to sell stuff? Seriously? Especially for me, to sell art. I love painting, I love taking pics, I love drawing, but all of that is secondary to writing. This is all stuff I have said, before. I have drawn since I was a very little boy, the… Continue reading Selling Out


Dedicate It’s ugly, what we do in the name of love. Wielding it like a weapon against the world, more often than not against the ones we claim to adore the most. I have done things, things I would never have imagined before, before my love, but things change. We change. Love changes everything. Love… Continue reading Dedicate

Michigan Central Station

I figured it was more appropriate to give MCS its own post as, these pics don't really fit in with the rest of what I posted, picture wise. They tell their own story. I had wanted to see MCS myself for years, after a friend told me about it and sent me a picture from… Continue reading Michigan Central Station

Tales of Ruin, Tales of Hope – 2

Sunday was another beautiful day and this time we headed to Detroit to see an art show a friend was in and had put together. It just so happened that Sunday was the big St. Patrick's Day celebration in what is known in Detroit as Cork Town, due to its close proximity to the old… Continue reading Tales of Ruin, Tales of Hope – 2

Tales of Ruin, Tales of Hope – 1

This past Saturday was one of the first significantly nice days of 2009 and presented a perfect opportunity to get out and take advantage of my camera so, with my lovely girlfriend in tow, we went around downtown Flint and took some pictures near the riverfront. It is strange how much history is here, in… Continue reading Tales of Ruin, Tales of Hope – 1

New paintings and tools of the trade

I did a couple paintings over the weekend, and these are them. It is funny 'cause I had ideas for both and neither turned out how I had thought. Hecks, I had to re-do part of Mr. Mouth, but such is the joy of painting. The random pic is one I took for fun. 'Cause… Continue reading New paintings and tools of the trade

Watching – poem

This was written for a friend, who will likely never know this was written for them, but it was just the same, and it says all it needs to say. PS - it is a rare occasion that I write poetry. Consider this a blue moon. Watching Watching as the light fades from your eyes… Continue reading Watching – poem

Like Snowflakes…But Not

I think everyone who is creative suffers from the fear of treading familiar ground. It is natural, and not an unfounded concern. Let's face it, Man has been here for a very long time and we have told stories and created works of art since those first days and so it is to be expected… Continue reading Like Snowflakes…But Not

Hardcore Nerdity

So I got a new camera with my gubment money/tax return money. I love, love, love the thing but haven't had a lot of time to use it, not to mention that the weather the mitten has been having makes it hard to want to do much of anything. So, I give to you, nerdy… Continue reading Hardcore Nerdity