Witness to History

     When you think of times when you were one of many people to witness history you think of things grand and great. Things that changed the face of the world, or at least your world. The historic moments are the ones that stay with you forever. What we forget though is that history is… Continue reading Witness to History


So I have some manner of thing going on with my hands that seems awfully similar to carpal tunnel, which sorta sucks, which is sorta why I haven't updated. That and this issue with a bat I have. Seriously epic blood feud with me and this critter. Waking up to a bat flying around above… Continue reading Ouch

What Ya Learn Along the Way…

So, if you are lucky enough, and keep your eyes and ears open, you are bound to learn new stuff all the time. And as a writer, you are always learning, though, it's usually stuff you feel like you should know or wish you didn't HAVE to know. So, on the journey of The Meep… Continue reading What Ya Learn Along the Way…

What's In Store…

I am super proud to announce that The Meep Sheep and This Beautiful Darkness are both available for purchase at Vault of Midnight comic shop in Ann Arbor. This is one of the most fun shops I have ever been too and one I have been going to for about five years now. Pretty neat… Continue reading What's In Store…

So Why A Fairy Tale?

    As any writer, I loathe labels. Sure, it makes it easier to homogenize what you are doing, and gives you a buzz word to sell the work but jeepers, it seems so limiting to just say ‘oh, it’s a ______’. Nothing is every that cut and dried. Mysteries have an element of terror to… Continue reading So Why A Fairy Tale?

Put It In Writing

I have mentioned it before but for anyone who doesn't know (and cares?) - I work at a used book/collectibles store. Pretty interesting gig that has given me an insight into books and their art form. Today I came across yet another book that frustrates the crap out of me, and that is an autographed… Continue reading Put It In Writing

Now What?

Hey kids. Well, the Motorcity Comic Con has come and gone and now that the dust is settled, well, what next? Well, for me it's back to promoting The Meep Sheep and the other two books. A friend and I headed down to Ann Arbor today and visit Vault of Midnight, a super cool comic… Continue reading Now What?

Motorcity Comic Con 2010 Day 3

And, it’s over. Take down the banners, put away the tables, and take a bow kids ‘cause the whole show is over. Phew. Sunday is usually a drag of a day because it’s the slowest of the days, the end of a long weekend, and by this time I tend to be under-slept and over-sugared.… Continue reading Motorcity Comic Con 2010 Day 3

Motorcity Comic Con 2010 Day Two

Day two and another epic and fun day. So much fun. So many people…so few sales. It’s always a drag not to sell but, darn, it was such a fun day that it’s hard, very hard, to be bitter. Saturday is always the huge day of the con and this was one of the biggest… Continue reading Motorcity Comic Con 2010 Day Two

Motorcity Comic Con 2010 Day 1

Can I tell you how much I love the first day of comic con? Love it. It is like a dysfunctional family reunion where you are all smelly and weird but never have to deal with the drama a family does. Great! Setting up is a drag, a huge drag, but darn is it fun… Continue reading Motorcity Comic Con 2010 Day 1

Comic Con Weekend…

Hey kids, if you are a nerd, like me, and have a notion, check out Motorcity Comic Con, out in Novi, MI. They seem to have put together a pretty big show so that's gonna be a lot of fun. I will be there all weekend with my lady-friend selling my books The Meep Sheep… Continue reading Comic Con Weekend…

Left Overs

    So, in my rush to post the shenanigans from last night I left out a few pics. Just more stuff from what I did when I was playing with fake blood and fake slime. OH, and this weekend I am at the Motorcity Comic Con in Novi, MI selling my books, art, and other… Continue reading Left Overs