So Where the Heck Have You Been?

Ok, not that anyone noticed, but I haven't been as active on here this week, and for that I apologize to, well, no one as there are not a lot of people poking around here. I mean, sure, some of you go and peek in the garbage but there isn't much to find there, I… Continue reading So Where the Heck Have You Been?


    Today is a bit of a special day so I figured I would give you a taste of The Meep Sheep so you can see why I am so excited about it. This is from the story Ashley Pickles and the Bumble Kitties.   He frowned and sighed again, kicking an acorn into the… Continue reading THE MEEP SHEEP sample…

Autopsy of the Dead – review

If there is a subject that should be rife with stories and ideal for a documentary, it should be Night of the Living Dead. This is single-handedly the most influential and important horror film made. Argue if you want to, that’s fine, but genre and sub-genre alike were born of this seed, as were the… Continue reading Autopsy of the Dead – review

Motorcity Nightmares Day 3 (wrap-up and thoughts)

So closes the Motorcity Nightmares convention of 2010, and with it came some very harsh realities, the harshest being that if I am going to do conventions, I need to choose them better. See, I have been doing cons for years because, as an indie artist and writer you have to get your work in… Continue reading Motorcity Nightmares Day 3 (wrap-up and thoughts)

Motorcity Nightmares Day 2

   I think the last thing you want to hear as any manner of artist is that your stuff is akin to that of, say, an eight  year old. Lucky for me, that was what I heard today, and when I told the woman that no, the art was NOT done by an eight year… Continue reading Motorcity Nightmares Day 2

Motorcity Nightmares Day One

    So day one of MCN was pretty uneventful. No sales, though I got a lot of compliments on my art, which is really great to hear. It’s always fun at these sorts of shows because the celebs cut loose a little and have some fun, which is great. They are always approachable and fun,… Continue reading Motorcity Nightmares Day One

Paranormal Entity – review

Oh dear, oh dear. The worst thing you can say about any movie that breaks away from the pack and tries to do something a little different is that if it’s at all successful it is immediately on the block to be mocked, or ripped, or both. Such is the case with Paranormal Activity, a… Continue reading Paranormal Entity – review

So Now What?

    Well, now that The Meep Sheep is out you’d think the heavy lifting is done, right? Ha, I wish that was the case. Getting the book out is the big deal, that’s the pat yourself on the back work, but the thankless work comes now, and that’s with supporting the book. Now is where… Continue reading So Now What?

The Meep Sheep – press release

Press Release – The Meep Sheep by Chris Ringler Dark clouds have formed in the Kingdom of Man, clouds of dissent, doubt, and worse yet, fear. After a century of peace and sunshine darkness has come to this land, and with it the rumors of unrest, and unless a young queen can stop this brewing… Continue reading The Meep Sheep – press release

THE MEEP SHEEP available for order NOW!

I am very proud to announce the release of my newest book - THE MEEP SHEEP, which is a novel told in short story form about the magic and wonder found in the Kingdom of Man. This has been a total labor of love that started over six years ago and which has lead to… Continue reading THE MEEP SHEEP available for order NOW!

Downtown Flint Comix Con

    This past Saturday I did the first Downtown Flint Comix Con in, well, Downtown Flint. I have always wanted to bring conventions, fun ones that is, back to Flint, but have never had the money where I could even consider it more than as a day dream so I admire anyone that can put… Continue reading Downtown Flint Comix Con

And the Season Begins Anew…

Convention season, the loved and dreaded time of the year where I pack up my gear and head out on the circuit. The circuit for me being the local or regional conventions that seem to either 1. fit what I do or 2. worth my time and money. It's always a crap shoot with these… Continue reading And the Season Begins Anew…

Together We’re Strong

    A funny thing happens when you write a story, or a book – the work has just begun. If you are lucky enough to have a publisher then they will help with the work of publicizing the book, shipping it, getting it reviewed, getting you signings, and generally just making sure the thing has… Continue reading Together We’re Strong