Autopsy of the Dead – review

If there is a subject that should be rife with stories and ideal for a documentary, it should be Night of the Living Dead. This is single-handedly the most influential and important horror film made. Argue if you want to, that’s fine, but genre and sub-genre alike were born of this seed, as were the… Continue reading Autopsy of the Dead – review

Motorcity Nightmares Day 3 (wrap-up and thoughts)

So closes the Motorcity Nightmares convention of 2010, and with it came some very harsh realities, the harshest being that if I am going to do conventions, I need to choose them better. See, I have been doing cons for years because, as an indie artist and writer you have to get your work in… Continue reading Motorcity Nightmares Day 3 (wrap-up and thoughts)

The Meep Sheep – press release

Press Release – The Meep Sheep by Chris Ringler Dark clouds have formed in the Kingdom of Man, clouds of dissent, doubt, and worse yet, fear. After a century of peace and sunshine darkness has come to this land, and with it the rumors of unrest, and unless a young queen can stop this brewing… Continue reading The Meep Sheep – press release

THE MEEP SHEEP available for order NOW!

I am very proud to announce the release of my newest book - THE MEEP SHEEP, which is a novel told in short story form about the magic and wonder found in the Kingdom of Man. This has been a total labor of love that started over six years ago and which has lead to… Continue reading THE MEEP SHEEP available for order NOW!