Con Artist

It's a peculiar thing indeed to find yourself sitting behind a table selling things you worked on, put your heart into, and are now hoping that someone is going to validate you by buying something. What a weird damned sorta thing that is. It's a thin line to walk, the line between commerce and art,… Continue reading Con Artist

More (fake) blood, less peas

Couple other random blood pics. Whoooo! And yeah, the blood is very fake. This guy has a weak stomach when it comes to the real stuff, which is funny, seeing as how I love horror stuff and all but, really, I can MAKE fake blook, I gotta poke, prod, or stab something to make, you… Continue reading More (fake) blood, less peas

Horror Anonymous

Ladies and gentleman, I write horror stories. I can tell from the hush in the crowd that I have offended some of you, and for that I apologize. It shouldn't have taken me this long to offend you. I need to try harder. Truly. It's strange, this tag system we have as humans, where we… Continue reading Horror Anonymous


WEAPON My body is a weapon, a breathing, bleeding, seething thing waiting to be freed. My body is a weapon, sucking life from me; my body is a weapon, its beauty mine to see. My body is a weapon, a promise yet fulfilled; this body is a weapon, with many more to kill. In me… Continue reading Weapon

The Lightning People – story

The day changed. Changed in a matter of moments, seconds, the sun being eaten alive by a rolling mass of clouds that stained the sky and changed day to night. The day was stolen and replaced by night’s grim façade but the two girls, like night and day themselves, are ignorant to what is happening… Continue reading The Lightning People – story

Welcome to Thunderdome

Well, not really but that sounds way cooler than - welcome to my blog of words! Or... Welcome to my interweb word orgy. See, no one likes to go to word orgies 'cause they're gross. You lose track of which is a pronoun, which is a noun and, in the end, you end up with… Continue reading Welcome to Thunderdome

So It Is – a story

this was inspired by a story a friend told me about someone's pregnancy and the story haunted me and this was the result. So It Is. The sky meets the ground, the ground meets the sky and I am trapped in the heart of the blue, twisted and caught in it and pulled down below… Continue reading So It Is – a story