Seeing Heaven – review

Seeing Heaven – movie review Sometimes I get the feeling that when a movie is being made that whatever reason the people making it had to make it, whatever messages they had in mind are just beyond me. I mean, I am sure that there is something else going on in Seeing Heaven but what… Continue reading Seeing Heaven – review

And So It Begins…

   This is a pretty momentous day for me. Today is the day I sent my novel A Shadow Over Ever off to a friend to be edited. This is the first big step I have taken with the novel in quite some time and it feels great. This is a novel that began as… Continue reading And So It Begins…

Play Nice

   When it comes to doing arts shows and conventions there are a lot of things that can bring down the whole feel of the thing and that throws cold water on things. There is a real big one that has of late begun to nag at me and that is the bitterness between shows… Continue reading Play Nice

Giving Back

The rode to where I am today has had more twists than I care to remember but maybe that is the nature of passion - to take you wherever it is that you will find it. When you stop following that passion, when you stop following your heart you lose sight of what it was… Continue reading Giving Back