You know how sometimes you almost hate-watch a movie? Knowing it isn't going to live up to your hopes but hoping it proves you wrong? Watching because you feel compelled because you watched the previous entry. That's where I am with HORROR IN THE HIGH DESERT 2 - hate watching a movie I was going… Continue reading HORROR IN THE HIGH DESERT 2 – MINERVA – Found Footage Review

BLACK CAR has arrived

My newest book, Black Car has finally arrived. This was one of the books I wrote in 2022 and I am excited to finally have it out. The book is a dark thriller about a desperate woman who takes a job driving for a shadowy organization in order to pay her bills. What seems like… Continue reading BLACK CAR has arrived

The Flags We Fly

There’s a strange scent of fire to the air these days.  The scent of casual people sitting by the bonfire, beer in hand, and talking about burning it all down.  This isn’t anything new.  The punk kids did it, the radicals do it, the rebels do it, and anyone that’s ever been burned by a… Continue reading The Flags We Fly

MISTER CREEP – found footage review

It's interesting when you see how many found footage films are about people making documentaries about something and getting in over their heads. Like, are that many people MAKING docs these days? I guess in this case it's 'true crime' and that's a big 'thing' lately so...maybe? I guess? For MR. CREEP I credit them… Continue reading MISTER CREEP – found footage review

Day Job

There’s a strange disconnect between art and entertainment and the people that consume it. A disconnect that somehow doesn’t see the people involved in the creation of said entertainment and art.  Both things are necessary, are part of not just our cultural makeup but part of what gets us through the day to day struggles,… Continue reading Day Job

Pieces of Meat

We’re weird, as a culture.  Strange, I might offer as a better term.  Many of us pretend to be prudish, to clutch the pearls when we hear something ‘blue’, but the truth is that most of us like naughtiness.  We like the dirty stuff.  Why did porn really sink its roots into American culture when… Continue reading Pieces of Meat

The Danger Was Always Us

Humans are very good at finding ways around things.  I am sure that this is some ancient holdover to our days of surviving in the wilds of the world and needing to figure out ways we could make it through to another day. Our species are survivors and we adapt in order to survive. We… Continue reading The Danger Was Always Us