As A Fan – Pt. 2

I had the interesting opportunity this past weekend to check out a convention that wasn't my 'scene' and it was fascinating. I lean more towards horror conventions and comic conventions if the truth be told, though I VERY rarely go to shows as a fan. I like the fan experience but loathe crowds and never… Continue reading As A Fan – Pt. 2

As A Fan

So I write about conventions usually from the middle of the aisle. I vend at shows, and I have run shows, and I have attended them. I have seen things from more than one angle. I started out though going to shows and while I don't go to many anymore - lack of money and… Continue reading As A Fan

Rising/Falling – a protest poem

In honor of a much more concerted effort by the government to de-fund Planned Parenthood I present the second poem I wrote and recited for the book release event of BATTLE FLAG, the book two friends and I wrote as a response to the incoming administration. ALL proceeds from that book go to Planned Parenthood in a hope that some… Continue reading Rising/Falling – a protest poem